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British writer and poet who is best know for his "Paradise Lost," 1667. His work is generally regarded as surpassed only by Shakespeare.

He was the son of a scrivener, one of six kids of whom three lived. He was a beautiful child with a good education who continued on to Cambridge where he lived so chaste a life that he was given the nickname of "lady." He lived at home from 1632-1638 when his mom died. As a gentleman, he traveled for a year.

Puritanical and serious, he married 17-year-old Mary in early 1643. She left him one month later but returned in 1644. They had four kids, the first born in July 1646. One of the boys died and after the fourth birth in May 1652, Mary died.

A tutor and writer, Milton was generally beset by money problems. He married his second wife on 22 November 1656 and was widowed a second time when she died in childbirth 15 months later. He married his third and last wife in February 1663; a young sensible girl, Elizabeth Minshull, who made his last years comfortable.

Milton became more radical in his views as he aged, becoming the master of invective. Losing his sight from his mid-30s, probably from retinal detachment, by March-April 1652 he was wholly blind and worked through secretaries. He adapted well to his blindness, but gout was a torment. Milton spent his last nine years in a cottage (now a museum) and died on 8 November 1674, Chalfont St. Giles, England.

Astrology / Natal card / Cosmogram with interpretation 9.12.1608 (9 December 1608 year)

Planets in signs

The Sun in Sagittarius
You are very gregarious, enthusiastic, and open, in all that you do. You have an ability to understand a broad perspective, and to see everything from a total point of view. Your foresight and an ability to visualize the big picture make matters work out well for you most of the time. Always thinking...
The moon in Capricorn
A Capricorn Moon is determined, steadfast and reliable. This sign more than any other, shows the effects of very strong and perhaps rigid parental influence. You want to be recognized as an important and powerful person chiefly because you were raised to think that way. Many of your reactions are geared...
Mercury in Capricorn
In Capricorn, Mercury produces a mind that is clear, sometimes rigid and narrow, and always cautious and resourceful. Your thinking is methodical and careful. You know how to take things a step at a time, each fact building on the thought that went before. Your speech is organized and follows a logical...

The Aspects of the planets

Square The Sun-MarsThe Sun
Frustration, especially in getting things accomplished, may set today's mood. You could fly off the handle with very little provocation, so exercise some control and be ready for a possible emotional overload.
Square The Sun-NeptuneThe Sun
Perhaps an ultra-mundane day, lacking in imagination or much, if any, escape. It is not likely that you will lose yourself in a great book or movie. You may feel separated and not a part of everything around you.
Sextile The moon-MarsThe moon
You could find that you are appreciated or valued for your feelings or your ability to act and get things done. Someone understands how you feel and is sympathetic today.
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Numerology / Psychomatrix / Pythagoras Square with interpretation 9.12.1608 (9 December 1608 year)

The Square of Pythagoras
power of character
health potential
human energy
intuition and logic
level of responsibility
cognitive potential
aptitude for work
memory and intelligence
Sense of Purpose
Aptitude for Family Life
Working Efficiency
The value of the lines of Pythagoras

11 – power of character. A person with 11 character value is friendly and gentle. They are easy-going and always ready to fulfill their part of agreement. If it is about friendship, they will try to understand and help, in case...

22 – human energy. Energy value of 22 is considered a norm, sufficient energy capacity for everything from any-level communication to achieving professional success. We won’t dwell upon occupational choices here, saying...

The value of the cells of Pythagoras

3 – Sense of Purpose. Quite pronounced, but unstable, in terms of purpose, determination. Such person is ready to act, but their actions are never fully determined, their choice – never objectively justified. As a result,...

3 – Aptitude for Family Life. Quite a paradoxical value. The person definitely wants a family, the desire that goes together with equally strong inner resistance and fear of considerable changes in life. Such situation usually happens...

Tarot / Tarot Cards / Calculate online Arkan Fate by date of birth 9.12.1608 (9 December 1608 year)

Your Lasso of Fate – 9 (The Hermit)

Hermit tarot card denotes someone who is wise beyond their years, a true old soul. They are often on a spiritual quest for truth and enlightenment. They connect with their inner light through reading, writing, teaching and mentoring, and they consider life to be a big mystery. This is someone who spends a lot of time alone, however, they don’t consider themselves lonely. They thrive in their solitude as they often spend this time writing and reading. Hermit people have heightened sensitivities and need to prove their worth through service and hard work. They tend to be meticulous and over-critical of themselves, fixating on unnecessary details rather than seeing the big picture.

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