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Character is ambitious, sincere, fair, honorable, very independent, and often rebellious, a tendency to sharpness and impulsive, very active, somewhat changeable, but progressive. Understanding the beauty of nature, love of change, travel, but also loves home and family. Here the practical mind focused on too broad categories. On the conventional level of development is the person willing and cheerful chatting on General topics, but not a loving particular, spreading the idea of the tree abstraction. In the movable cross mercury gives lightness and frequent sudden jumps of thought. The mind can build their thinking on the basis of faith and beliefs. Detachment from the earth, the abstract mind of a missionary, visionary, philosopher. The need to teach and learn. Eternal teachers and students Their sentences, they carefully consider and weigh the words. Diplomacy no. The worldview is sometimes contrary to recognized, the dissidents, the tendency to fanaticism, love of the intellectual contest, abstract and figurative appreciate the exact wording of Church leaders, many in universities and government. Habit to moralize.